Who is Four Winds

Who is Four Winds


Four WINDS is a Non Governmental Organisation registered according to Swiss law in the Commercial Register of Lausanne (Switzerland). It has a French establishment registered in the prefecture of Besançon. Its purpose is to raise awareness and inform people about the Amerindian reality of yesterday and today, and to work to raise awareness of respect for the environment and ethnic minorities. If for the majority of people who approach us our goals are clearly understood, for others we can be perceived as marginalized or retarded. Others finally assimilate us to neo-chamanic associations, which we strongly oppose.

Our activities are closely linked to the history and future of the early Americans. Our tools are meetings, conferences, films and events. The pow-wow that we organize every two years is the centrepiece of our events.
It is meant to be the replica (as close as possible) of traditional pow-wows. Its progress is totally dictated by the elders and leaders who are invited. As in the past, this great gathering is above all a meeting, an exchange with our Amerindian friends whom we welcome.

At Four Winds we believe that we can find in Native American wisdom solutions for our present life and a path to peace and harmony. The members of our association have, of course, all had a different path, but one that is close to the social and humanistic aspect to which we are sensitive. We also have in common a childhood or natural curiosity in our relationship with the world that never left us and still guides us in our thirst for understanding human interactions and the universe as a whole.

If you share with us:
The same passion for the first people of the Americas, its history, resistance, respect and love of nature.
The same motivation to erase a stereotypical vision of the Indian in a Hollywood image from which he could not escape.
The same conviction as Amerindian greatness is not a vestige of the past but still exists today.
The same willingness to actively participate in the knowledge of one’s culture and philosophy of life, beliefs and rituals.
The same lucidity with regard to the immense work that we must accomplish.

Then join us: vision4winds@orange.fr or go to “association > become a member”.

Statistics: Our association has about a hundred members. They come from all social and professional backgrounds; people with a low level of education, as well as people with university degrees.
25% are retirees
60% are women 6% are ethnologists
14% belong to the medical profession (doctor, nurse, psychologist)
12% are teachers 10% work in professions related to image or writing (writer, photographer, filmmaker).

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