The town of Ornans (25) will host the 5th edition of « Dance with the Loue. »

Of international fame, the next Pow-wow « Dance with the Loue » will take place in Ornans from 29 June to 1 July 2018. Organized in partnership with the Association Four Winds, the purpose of which is to make known and recognized the First Peoples of the Americas, this event is also an opportunity for all to exchange ideas to discover and understand a culture and their values.

The Pow-wow takes its roots among the Pawnee Indians, from more than two centuries ago, when the warriors met together to dance and celebrate their achievements. This custom then spread to the other Native American nations and little-by-tittle transformed into a large family meeting that gave the whole tribe the opportunity to meet, dance, sing, renew old friendships or to create new ones.


Today, Pow-wows are usually « intertribal”, and this is also the case in Ornans. Ten major nations of Quebec, four of the USA distributed in 55 communities as well as six ethnic groups in French Guiana are invited for the gathering of 2018. More than 60 Native Americans are expected for this new edition.


On the program: dances, talks, a concert, meetings, a Native American craft market and of course of activities (makeup, readings…), and food facilities.


Rendez-vous at the beginning of the summer 2018, an event not to be missed!