A more detailed program (timetables, ceremonies, tickets, etc….) will be published.

For this 2018 version, this is a brief overview of the many activities being planned (taking into consideration family, old and young) which should enable everyone to experience the Native American culture.


– The day for the schools is on the Friday

– Saturday evening there is a concert

– The talks (on ethnic and political topics), will be held in the mornings

– The Pow-wow in the afternoons.

– The presentation of peoples invited:

– On Saturday evening the Native Guyanese

– On Sunday evening those of Quebec


And throughout the whole event there is the craft market. The Native American village (tipis) will offer visitors the opportunity to meet 20 or so creators and artists. Hundreds of articles from the Native American nations will be sold by those who have produced them.
The first inhabitants of the Americas have always worn ornaments and jewellery to celebrate their attachment to the Mother Earth or to their brothers, animals, or to acquire virtues. The legacy of all this will be at your disposal.


If we are more or less familiar with the jewellery, clothing and other objects produced by the natives of North America, we are less so by those of the peoples of Amazonia, and yet their knowledge and their talents are in no way inferior to their brothers in the North: roof circles (maluwana), basketry, pottery, decorated gourdes, carved wood, pearl jewellery and seed necklaces will satisfy your desires and demands.

Many craftsmen will be present to respond to your questions as well as to demonstrate their talents. In addition, the vast majority of our 2018 guests will speak French.

The music which also occupies an important place in the expression of their culture and their spirituality will be for sale. CD’s (unpublished) will be available, often sold by the composers and performers. The Indians say that their ancestors have always played music. They say that they have played so often and for so long that, sometimes, in the depths of the forests, we can hear the eternal echo of their songs and their drums.