About us

About us

We took one of the great symbols of Native America as a name for our association.

The four winds represent the four directions. These four powers correspond to the four elements, to the four stages of life and also to the four colors of the four human races.

Four Winds is a non-profit association* based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its principal objectives are : – to establish a true cultural bridge with the Natives of America, for the benefit of all. – to promote knowledge and a better understanding of their way of living and of thinking. – to support and help Native Americans in their endeavours and projects. – to work for the respect of the environment and of human relations.
To achieve those goals, Four Winds can, in particular : – organize events, workshops, lectures and meetings – present exhibitions – publish and distribute written texts – provide logistic support for Natives traveling through Switzerland – collaborate with other associations or organizations – sell products and objects made by native craftspeople

Our association can be seen as an organization of general interest in matters of culture, education, welfare and philanthropy. It is composed only of volunteers, including the management of the association.
Its members respect a strict neutrality as well on the political as on the religious level.

Four Winds is a nonprofit organization (also known as a non-business entity) that has been formed by a group of people in order « to pursue a common not-for-profit goal », that is, to pursue a stated goal without the intention of making profit. Dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a particular point of view. In economic terms, a nonprofit organization uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission (as explained above).

Four Winds is an association of members. The organization is controlled by its members who elect the Committee and its Chairman.